Vastu Consultation


Vastu Consulting Process

Vastu shastra, an ancient Indian science of building and architecture which enables to produce a well-natured atmosphere or perhaps a place to live and work in a most scientific way making the most of the advantages granted by nature, its elements and energy fields for much better wealth, overall health, joy and happiness.

The main motto of vastu is to extract the most out of all the natural forces which can maintain maximum energy level in each and every sphere of life of an individual. Either you are looking for growth, prosperity, peace of mind or sound health, vastu principles helps you achieve that. We provide complete Vastu Shastra Consultation for your proposed project. Fees for Vastu Consultation services are based on the size of the space (square feet) and what needs to be addressed in the analysis.

Our Approach

Vastu Consulting Process

Initial Phase: In this phase we inspect the site thoroughly. Checking the direction of plot or existing property. Soil testing provided if the property is new and about to construct. Assessing typography of the plot. Checking details of exteriors to discern Vastu defects if any.

Floor Plan Analysis: Floor plans for houses, apartments or any building type for that matter describe the layout of a home. Reading and analyzing a floor plan will tell you a lot of information about how a home will function and what it will be like to live in. Floor plans are great for describing the scale and size of the spaces inside the home, how the rooms of the home fit together and the flow between them.

On-site Evaluation: After your details and plans are received, our team will evaluate your plan and may ask for more information required for betterment of vastu. During the consultation, you can also speak to Vastu Expert Mangesh Kulkarni as he analyses plan and recommends Vastu suggestions as well as Vastu remedies.

Reading (Vastu Defects Removal Process): Vastu reading is the best way to get first-hand vastu status of your current or proposed property. Based on our vastu expert reading we help you in positive placements in the location, Vastu defects, if any in the house, Door location i.e. northeast, north-west, south-west or southeast, east, west, north, south etc.

Follow up: After Vastu consultation we help you with affordable remedies required to make vastu prosper. A regular follow up is key to achive success in your day-to-day life.

Consult your vastu with us:

  • On-Site Site Vastu Consultation Services: Assessing plot or existing property by personal visit and examining plot and directions by One-to-one meeting.
  • Off- Site Vastu Consultation Services: Off-site analysis (by mail) for Home If you are buying or renovating a home, our Vastu analysis will guide you step by step in very simple manner.

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