Vastu Consultation

To live in a place that’s auspicious so that you get all the help from positive energies and shun away negative ones.
It is best to follow Vaastu when purchasing or renting or designing an office, home/house, apartment or plot. You can also use Vaastu for any existing structure or even while designing your work place or home interiors.
When the elements are balanced in your environment, opportunities will come. It is up to you to utilize these opportunities. Sometimes you may notice some improvements right away.
If tenant joined in a good vastu home then there is more chances to get good offers in his business or profession, furthermore, he will regularly paying rents to the owner. Here tenant enjoys the auspiciousness of the good vastu home. On the same way, the owner also enjoying by getting right time rents.
When experienced pandit performed vastu shanthi pooja then it works well. Perform vastu Shanthi pooja with us for prosperity and successful life.
There is no definitive rule that every house should be built on Vastu principle. Vastu enhances the relation of the house with nature. Moreover, people who have followed Vastu have found positive results.
Any plot which is square or rectangle in shape is best. Besides shape, angle of the plot corners should be 90 degrees. Ratio of length: breadth should not be more than 1:2. For proper guidance, see our link Vastu for plot.
The object of Vastu is to provide proper arrangement and placement of different areas in the premises i.e. where should be kitchen, toilet, bedroom, main gate etc. in the house.
Answer-Direction of the head while sleeping should be either in East or South. East is good for children and youngsters and South for middle aged to old people. West is not suggested on regular basis and North is completely prohibited.
Due to the tilt of the earth (22½°) North East corner of a structure receives energy. During early morning when the sun is at its maximum distance from the earth, only infrared rays are able to reach the earth, which are beneficial for the human body. Hence Northeast portion of the house should be such that it should receive beneficial infrared rays.
The Southwest portion of the house is meant for bedroom for adults. It may be located in the South, and will be congenial for comfortable living. Master bedroom may be on the upper storey, if any, in the Southwest portion of the house. Other bedrooms may be in South, Northwest, North and West.
The proportion between length and breadth should be 1:1 but it should not exceed 1:2 ratio.
In 90% of the cases Vastu defect of a space can be treated either with the help of remedies (energy enhancers, colour / metal strips, colour schemes) or through Vastu corrections (shifting rooms or activities to another location, etc). Only in very rare cases will you find a space that must be vacated because the Vastu defect cannot be treated.
No, infect, it is a science of directions. It was written 5000 years back keeping in mind that, who so ever resides in a house, will be benefited, so the question of religion does not arise.
The corner represents the blending of two cardinal directions which also represents either of the four elements of Vaastu ie (Northeast -water, Southeast -Fire, Southwest - Earth, Northwest -Air). That is why the corners are very important in Vaastu .